The Organisation for Democracy and Freedom in Syria

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Key Issues
Democracy and Freedom Democracy and Freedom

ODFS promotes democracy and freedom in Syria through peaceful means. Syria's authoritarian and controlling regime has oppressed...

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Human Rights Human Rights

Syria has a poor human rights record. ODFS promotes human rights in Syria and highlights cases of...

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Free Media Free Media

The regime owns and controls most of the media in Syria. It does not respect the right...

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Economic Reform Economic Reform

Corruption is rife in Syrian society and state institutions. Syria needs urgent economic reform. Of course political...

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Tackling Extremism Tackling Extremism

Extremism and militancy in Syria is a problem for the region and the world. Dictatorship, along with...

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Womens Rights Womens Rights

ODFS promotes greater rights for Syrian women and their greater representation in the political, economic, and social...

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Middle East Peace Middle East Peace

It is imperative that the Middle East peace process is re-started. ODFS believes that peace in the...

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