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Ribal Al-Assad condemns video of Syrian woman executed in Aleppo

Wednesday, 19 March 2014 1 more image(s) »The woman was strangled to death in Manbij

A video has emerged of a woman being strangled to death by Islamist extremists in Manbij, Aleppo, Syria.

Commenting on the video, Director of the ODFS, Ribal Al-Assad made the following statement.

"I am disgusted and appalled at the horrific act depicted; this cold blooded murder is inexcusable. These Islamist rebels have no value for human lives and will kill all who do not share their perverted ideology.

What depths has this conflict descended to? How much more brutality do the people of Syria have to endure?

It is obvious that these Islamists do not want democracy but Islamic Caliphate State under Sharia law.

We need to stop this, we need a swift peaceful democratic solution to the conflict - it is already years overdue. The International Community must come together to stop these extremists and support an all-inclusive, peaceful, political transition, by bringing together all opposition groups who genuinely believe in democracy, freedom and human rights.

We need to show the peaceful majority of the Syrian people that there is a viable alternative; they have no desire to see a Dictatorship replaced with a Theocracy.

How many more people have to die at the hands of these animals before something is done?"

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